SDIP Innovations mission is to revolutionize the resorbable implants and provide a universally safer option for the patients.




In last two decades, there have been numerous attempts to develop bioresorbable fixation implants, but these devices have fallen short in providing the optimal degradation profile and also they degrade to acidic by-products causing local inflammation and delayed tissue regeneration. The main focus of the SDIP Innovations is to revolutionise the resorbable implants market using a uniquly patented formulated composite. SDIP Innovations was established in 2018 to commercialise and further advance the invention that Dr Iman Manavitehrani developed during his PhD at the The University of Sydney for four years. SDIP material is unique with optimal degradation profile and no acidic/basic by-products that leaves behind. 

The company is rapidly growing. Thanks to the continuous supports and grants from NSW Health Government.  


Our Team

Dr Maryam Parviz           

Co-founder & Chief Executive Officer   

Dr Iman Manavitehrani

Founder & Chief Scientific Officer


   A/Prof Aaron Schindeler

   Academic Advisor

 Ben Wright

  Business Advisor 

Dr Brett Fritsch

 Clinical Advisor 

Warren Bingham

Commercialization Advisor